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Our patients have many questions! And that is a GREAT thing! We want everyone to be as informed as possible before deciding on one of our Antiaging or Med Spa treatments here in Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale area.

Please review the sections below for the various treatments we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dermal Fillers

Can Dermal Fillers Improve My Appearance?

Dermal fillers are casually sometimes known as “wrinkle fillers." They do a lot more than just iron out your wrinkles, but they are great for this too! Below are a few of the more common uses for Dermal Fillers:
- Lessen the lines around and near your nose and mouth
- Enhance & restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples
- Lessen the vertical lines around your lips
- Plump-up your lips
- Smooth and round out creases in your chin area
- Make your face appear more symmetrical

How Long Will The Dermal Filler Last?

The best answer we can give here is that it really depends on the kind of dermal filler you are having applied. Most dermal fillers will last from 6 to 14 months, while some others can last longer. The dermal fillers we use at Revivify in Boca Raton contain hyaluronic acid (which is a natural substance) which helps your body in producing elastin and collagen.

What is the differences between Dermal Fillers and Botox treatments?

Botox contains "purified bacteria" that freeze up muscles in the areas the botox is applied. In doing so, Botox aides in minimizing the existence of lines and wrinkles caused by expressions in your face.

Dermal fillers contain ingredients that increase FULLNESS to areas that have lessened as your body ages. This is common in the areas near the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

How long does it take for fillers to settle?

Most dermal fillers “settle” completely at three weeks mark. Much of the fullness that one notices during the first few weeks is actually swelling and not the product itself. Most dermal fillers are now pre-mixed with lidocaine (a numbing agent) for maximum comfort.

Can you sunbathe after Dermal Fillers?

Avoid lying in the sun, tanning beds and intense heat, such as saunas for one week after your Dermal Filler treatment. In Boca Raton, wearing sunscreen at all times, if going out into the sun is also very important.

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Treatments

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a "neuromodulator" (a type of botulinum toxin type A) that is injected into selected areas of treatment using a very small needle. Basically, how it works is by blocking signals to the nerves needed for your facial muscles to contract. When your face repeatedly contracts its facial muscles it leads to the wrinkle and lines. Once the botox treatment is applied, the neuromodulator relaxes these facial muscles and slows and lessens their movement to help reduce the appearance of lines or wrinkles in the treated areas. Results will be visible in roughly three to seven days following the botox treatments.

What Areas Of My Face Can I Have Treated?

You can have botox treatments applied in any number of different areas of your face. These include your forehead, area around the eyes (crows feet), and lines around the lips. We also often use botox in patients who want to soften or reduce a dimpling of their chin. If you suffer from TMJ or if you grind your teeth, botox can help treat the ailment by lessening the pain.

Is A Revivify Botox Treatment Painful?

A Botox treatment is generally NOT considered painful! Some of our patients in Boca Raton report a very brief period of minor discomfort during the injection, this quickly goes away once the Botox treatment is completed.

How Long Does A Revivify Botox Treatment Generally Last?

Your should expect the results of your Revivify Botox Treatment to last approximately 3 to 5 months after your have the botox treatment administered. Over this time, your body is metabolizing the Botox, and you will see the slow return of movement to your facial muscles in the areas that were treated. The best way to maintain the results long term is to get period "maintenance" treatments every 3-4 months.

Is Botox Only For Women?

Absolutely not! Many men in Boca Raton look to Revivify Botox treatments as part of their efforts to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy

What Is A Revivify SaltFacial?

The Revivify SaltFacial is a new 3-step treatment that utilizes natural sea salt exfoliation, aesthetic ultrasound and LED phototherapy to restore, replenish and rejuvenate your skin to a youthful glow. Our Master Medical Esthetician in Boca Raton has performed hundreds of these facials with stellar results and no down time.

Is A SaltFacial Safe For Me?

The Revivify SaltFacial is very safe for all varieties of skin types, and you can expect to experience little to no down time after your treatment.

What Should I Expect During My SaltFacial Treatment?

Our Master Staff Esthetician will begin by getting your photo to establish a baseline while monitoring your skin’s progress. He will cleanse your face and start the salt exfoliation to gently exfoliate the top layer of your facial skin, preparing it for the second step. He then utilizes a deep penetrating ultrasound to administer hydrating antioxidants into your facial skin. In the third, he will use an LED light to help to build up your collagen, decrease redness and treat acne.

Will My SaltFacial Hurt?

NO! Your SaltFacial will not hurt, and many of our clients find it be very relaxing!

When Should I See The Results Of My SaltFacial?

Results from a SaltFacial begin from the very first treatment, however we strongly recommend coming in to Boca Raton for a series of treatments to help build the hydration levels of your facial skin. When doing so, you will see much longer term results.

What Are The Key Benefits Of A SaltFacial?

• Visible results after one treatment
• Beneficial for all skin types
• No negative side effects and virtually no downtime
• Improves Texture, Tone & Color for noticeably healthier skin
• Use alone or as an adjunct to other aesthetic procedures
• All natural sea salt…no harmful chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions About Facials

What does a facial do for you?

Jordan Rupp, Revivify's Medical Esthetician in Boca Raton suggests that facials are great for your skin, as it greatly improves it's health! When you deep clean your facial skin... you are exfoliating which helps the cells of your face to regenerate faster, which results in a skin that is softer and much less likely to experience breakouts, and you will show less signs of aging.

How Often Should I Get A Facial?

This varies from person to person. From our experience, getting a facial each month is ideal because that is how long it usually takes for your skin to regenerate and revitalize. At the very minimum, you should get a facial at least four times per year to help with Anti-Aging. If you experience other skin conditions (such as acne) it may be beneficial to visit our Boca Raton office at least once a month. .

At what age should you get a facial?

It's important to follow a facial schedule customized just for you. Most people in their 20's are only beginning to eliminate adolescent acne and working towards clearer skin. Thereafter, a monthly trip to the spa for a clean up is available to help delay the aging process.

Do facials help with acne?

Acne treatment facials are relaxing and can be helpful in removing blackheads, while leaving your face feeling softer and smoother.

Do facials hurt?

A facial pulls impurities that are deep within the pores, so you may feel some slight discomfort during the treatment, and may experience redness for a few hours after your spa appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Fillers

How Much Do Lip Filler Treatments Cost?

Pricing varies because each client has different needs. Some in Boca Raton may only need one treatment, while others require multiple to achieve the desired look. Price also varies with which "type" (brand) of lip filler treatment used.

Why should I get Lip Fillers?

Many clients in Boca Raton feel their lips are too thin. Getting a lip filler treatment is always a personal decision, but has been found to improve appearance, as well as help one gain more self confidence.

How long do lip fillers last?

This all depends on the individual. Factors such as how many injection one received, or an individual metabolism all affect how long the lip filler will last. Generally speaking, lip fillers tend to last anywhere from six months to up to three years.

What is the best Lip Filler?

The most common lip filler brands we use are: Juvéderm, Juvéderm Ultra, Juvéderm Ultra Plus, Juvéderm Volbella, Restylane, and Restylane Silk. All of our lip fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, but vary in their individual thicknesses. Essentially, it all boils down to what effect you are hoping to achieve for your particular mouth.

Why should I choose Revivify Anti-Aging Solutions and MedSpa

ALL of the staff at Revivify AntiAging and Med Spa in both our Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale offices are outstanding. They are ALL board certified in their various specialities, and bring years of experience to each service they provide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

What Is Microneedling Mesotherapy?

Microneedling is the insertion of many super fine small needles into the skin for the purposes of rejuvenating the skin in the treated areas. Many people are familiar with the "dermaroller", but at Revivify Anti-Aging MedSpa in Boca Raton we use the "SkinPen". Currently it is the only FDA approved microneedling device.

What Does The Microneedling Process Involve

The skin is cleaned and numbing cream is applied. We wait for 30 minutes to the numbing cream to take effect. The cream is then cleaned off and the face is wiped with a sterilizing solution. A little handheld pen like device using a sterile, disposable tip is then used on your face. You might feel the vibration from the apparatus. During the process we use hyaluronic acid for optimum benefit.

What Will I Look Like After My Microneedling Treatment?

Most people will experience redness and mild swelling similar to a mild sunburn for 24-48 hours after their microneedling treatment and there may be minimal pin-point swelling or bleeding. We'll use a soothing serum on your face , so that it is going to look moist. Within a couple weeks, you will see that your skin is smoother and more radiant looking, but the full effects will not be seen until a couple of months later.

Can I Use makeup After Having My Microneedling Treatment?

For the first 4 days following your Revivify microneedling procedure, you should only use a mineral based foundation, as it doesn't build bacteria. On the 5th day and thereafter, you can go back to using your regular foundation product.

How Long Before I See Results From My Microneedling treatment?

Most see a change after their first treatment, or at least in just a few days. Results can vary based on the health of your skin. True changes are likely to be seen as soon as 1-2 weeks after your first microneedling treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydro Microdermabrasion Facial

Will My Hydro Microdermabrasion Treatment Work?

With Hydro Microdermabrasion, an individual can get rid of many years of built up skin that's on the face, which will ease, smooth, and lessen rough skin. Also, you will see that blackheads and whiteheads may be reduced when using the Hydro Microdermabrasion treatment.

Will Hydro Microdermabrasion Be Painful?

No, Microdermabrasion shouldn't hurt. It may feel just a little uncomfortable while the treatment is being performed, and your skin will probably feel a little tight for a few of hours after, but it shouldn't be painful. It is one of the lightest, most non-invasive skin treatments currently available now and can achieve terrific results.

What Will Hydro Microdermabrasion Do To My face?

Hydro Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive treatment in Boca Raton, that we apply to revive your general skin tone, look and feel. It generally will improve the look of your sun damage, acne scarring, fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, and other skin-related issues and conditions.

What Should I Do Before Hydro Microdermabrasion Treatments?

- Don't use Retin-A or other exfoliating creams 24 to 72 hours (1 to 3 times ) before your treatment.
- Prevent sun tanning or tanning creams/sprays for at least a week before Hydro Microdermabrasion therapy
- You should NOT have recently had laser surgery or used Accutane
- Patients who've experienced a current chemical peel or other skin process, such as collagen injections, should wait two to three weeks before undergoing Microdermabrasion.
- Prospective patients should also refrain from waxing or tanning skin to be treated for a couple of weeks before your Hydro Microdermabrasion treatment.
- Wash your face and neck using a non-oily, non-soap based cleaner before every scheduled Hydro Microdermabrasion treatment in Boca Raton.

What Is Hydro Microdermabrasion?

Hydro Microdermabrasion treatments gently exfoliate the skin. A diamond tipped wand removes dead skin cells without irritation, discomfort, or downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial

What Is A Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial?

PRP facials are medical, rather than cosmetic procedures used to stimulate collagen production. Your medical team in Boca Raton first takes a small sample of your blood. Then they twist it in a centrifuge to extract protein-rich plasma and platelets. Finally, they concentrate the sample, creating what is known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Boca Raton.

How Long Will a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Last?

While filler treatments such as Botox break down with time, the positive effects of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facials last as long as 18 months to 2 years.

How Often Should I Have a PRP Facial?

The average individual requires somewhere between 3 to 6 treatments and each Revivify Hydro Microdermasion facial is done approximately 4 weeks apart.

Are There Any Side Effects to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facials?

After Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facials in Boca Raton, some report feeling as if their face was sunburned, looking pink and slightly swollen. This usually stops after 2 to 3 days. Others have been known to experience bruising, discomfort, irritation and feeling tender at the sites of treatment.

Am I A Good Candidate For a Revivify Platelet-Rich (PRP) Facial?

There are few contraindications to this type of facial treatment, therefore most individuals are good candidates.

It is not recommended if you:

  • scar easily
  • use or have recently used Accutane for acne
  • are pregnant
  • have certain skin conditions, including rosacea and eczema on the face
  • skin radiation has been experienced within last 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Facials

As A Man, How Often Should I Get A Facial Treatment?

Men's skin tends to produce more oil as a result of high testosterone levels. A lot of men do not exfoliate (start doing it at least once a week), which is a very important step in keeping the skin looking healthy and clear. Obtaining a facial treatment in Boca Raton can reduce the amount of oil on your skin, keeping it cleaner.

Should I Shave My Face Before Getting A Men's Facial?

Should guys shave prior to a facial? Shaving is recommended, but please make sure to do it at least two hours before your scheduled appointment.

How Long Will The Effects Of A Men's Facial Treatment Last?

The healthful glow immediately attained after a facial in Boca Raton should last typically 48 to 72 hours, since the skin is deeply hydrated and circulation was promoted allowing fresh blood to deliver fresh nutrients to the cells.

Why Should Men Get Facials?

Men's skin is more prone to acne as it has larger pores and more oil, due to testosterone. Having your pores cleared with a facial reduces pores that are enlarged and prevents breakouts.

How Do Men's Facials Differ From Women's Facials?

Men's facial treatments are similar to that of women, but are customized to the special needs of male skin. They usually address common male skin issues, such as ingrown hairs, dullness, and razor burn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Bars

Oxygen Bars - What Is The Point?

While oxygen bars aid improve the health of people who have many illnesses, they also have favorable impacts on healthy individuals wanting to maintain or boost their overall physical well-being.

An improved mood is something which both the ill and the healthy can use! The pairing of essential oils with pure oxygen arouses the senses into some place of tranquility and happiness. Oxygen bar flavors provide an inviting scent during your session in Boca Raton and have deep impact on the moods and feelings of people who partake of these.

What Exactly Is The Revivify Oxygen Bar?

The Revivify Oxygen Bar in Boca Raton dispenses 92 percent pure oxygen blended with hot aromatherapies and various scents.

Don't I Currently Breath Oxygen? Isn't That Enough?

Not really! The air around you only has about 19% to 21% Oxygen.

What Scents Can I Choose During My Oxygen Bar Session?

We have a FULL Menu of essential oil aromas you can choose from prior to your Oxygen Bar Boca Raton session. Choosing the correct aroma is important in helping with the relaxation the Oxygen Bar treatment provides.

What Should I Expect During A Oxygen Bar Treatment?

Patients are seated on a very comfortable sofa. One end of a sinus cannula or "nose hose" is connected to the oxygen/aroma unit, another is placed in your nostril and looped behind the ears to fasten. Patients are then instructed to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale in the mouth. Very easy and very relaxing. We then set the lighting in the Oxygen Bar Boca Raton to be very subdued.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sclerotherapy Treatments

What Is Sclerotherapy Therapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure in Boca Raton where a solution is injected directly into a vein. The injected sclerotherapy solution makes the vein scar, which in turn, forces the blood to reroute through veins that are healthier.

Why Are Sclerotherapy Treatments Done?

In Boca Raton, Sclerotherapy treatments are often done for cosmetic purposes, to improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

The procedure can also improve related symptoms such as:

  • Aching
  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Night cramps

What Are The Side Effects Of Sclerotherapy?

Common side effects of Sclerotherapy include:

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • stinging
  • discomfort
  • skin discoloration
  • raised red area around the injection sites

Does Sclerotherapy Hurt?

Traditionally, the Sclerotherapy solution is injected into the vein through a very fine needle. This may cause cramping and mild discomfort for only 1 to 2 mins, particularly if larger veins are injected.

How Long Does Sclerotherapy Last?

Generally speaking, spider veins respond to Sclerotherapy within 3-6 weeks, whereas larger veins can take 3-4 months. Effects may be permanent 5% of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bioidentical Hormones?

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are an specific structural copy of the hormones which are naturally created by the body. The distinction between bioidentical hormones and artificial hormones is that, although both are created in labs, artificial hormones aren't identical to the hormones naturally generated on the human body while bioidentical hormones fit human hormones molecule by molecule. Based on what your symptoms are and which hormone(s) your body needs, your Bioidentical hormones practitioner in Boca Raton may decide to prescribe bioidentical hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, melatonin, or others as necessary.

Who Needs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Boca Raton benefits people of different ages suffering from hormonal imbalance. Each treatment program is tailored to the patient. To select the ideal treatment, you need to understand all of the available choices for treatment and precisely how bioidentical hormone treatment can improve your own life and wellbeing.

What Are The Differences Between Synthetic and Bioidentical Hormone Treatment?

The gap between bioidentical hormones and artificial hormones is double fold. Unlike bioidentical hormones, artificial, or traditional, hormones might be improved by pharmaceutical companies; consequently dosage varies only by mg dictated by your physician, while the molecular arrangement of the prescribed hormone is identical for each and every person on that medication. Additionally, synthetic hormones aren't generated structurally the same as human endogenous hormones, which frequently leads uncomfortable side effects. While artificial hormones may mimic the effects of endogenous hormones on particular biological pathways, they rarely provide the same effectiveness in a deeper, molecular level.

Can My Hormones Effect My Sex Drive? Will Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Help?

Are hormones affecting your sex drive? The solution is probably a resounding yes. Regardless if you're enjoying a healthy sex drive, a high libido, or painful over a very low sex drive, generally, your hormones are in control. For many patients, emotional and psychological factors play a role in sexual desire. For both women and men , sex drive which has diminished with age, menopause, andropause, or pregnancy is most probably linked to a hormonal issue. Roughly 70 percent of low libido problems are associated with a hormonal imbalance. A low libido as a result of hormonal imbalance does not necessarily mean that you're helpless. In actuality, it is possible to take an active role in bettering your hormones to recover your sex drive.