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Revivify MedSpa and Anti Aging now offers a MOBILE OXYGEN BAR SERVICE! Call now to have us cater your next event or function!

Oxygen Bar Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale

Did you know 90 percent of your energy comes from oxygen and just 10 percent from water and food? If you were able to use more energy, then there’s a higher possibility that upping your oxygen flow might help. This is why you need to visit our Oxygen Bar in Boca Raton!

Just what’s an oxygen bar? An oxygen bar provides pure oxygen into ordinary folks at a greater percentage than breathing atmosphere, and it enriches lives, and hasm any added benefits. Learn what a medical oxygen bar in Boca Raton can do for you and your health.

Have you ever been experiencing lower energy levels, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, headaches, or hangovers? Recreational oxygen bar Roca Raton treatment has been proven to help greatly stabilize these signs and enhance energy at a very low risk.

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The Best Benefits Of Revivify’s Oxygen Bar Therapy:

  • Boost energy levels – More air circulation can allow you to feel refreshed in your home, workout on the city.
  • Improve sports performance – Increased oxygen levels convert carbohydrates, sugar, proteins and fats to energy and heat quicker for optimum performance.
  • Reduce anxiety, improve concentration and mood – The mixture of essential oils and purified oxygen boosts alertness, focus, along with a cheery outlook.
  • Supply relief for nausea and headache – This occurs whenever there’s a growth in oxygen circulation to the brain.
  • Visit our Oxygen Bar Boca Raton today… Get your Energy Levels Up During This Pandemic!
  • Boost better sleep – should you experience sleep apnea, then an air purifier helps increase oxygen circulation so you may sleep soundly.
  • Boost weight loss – More oxygen may result in improved flow and metabolic function.



Pure. Natural. Healthy.

Did you know that the air we breathe all day every day is only comprised of 21 percent oxygen? Oxygen is a necessary ingredient for our vitality and wellness, both inside and out. In fact, inadequate oxygen levels in the body can disturb the body’s proper functioning and scientists indicate that oxygenated cells are key to overall good health.

Oxygen Bar therapy at Revivify Med Spa & Antiaging is an effective way to boost immunity, promote energy, enhance sleep and relaxation as well as offer relief for a variety of issues, including headaches and brain fog. The benefits of oxygen therapy are vast in both wellness maintenance and prevention. And many of our patients enjoy relaxing at our oxygen bar before or after their appointments for an added boost.

During your oxygen therapy session, you can choose from our suite of all-natural essential aromas. You will breathe naturally through a nonmedical nose hose as 100 percent pure oxygen flows through to your body.

As an elite Oxygen Bar Boca Raton and medical spa, Revivify Med Spa & Antiaging is pleased to offer not only the absolute best in beauty, skincare and antiaging solutions for the face and body, but also the safest and most advanced health and wellness services. After all, no matter how you look on the outside, beauty and health begin on the inside.

Our state-of-the-art medical spa is overseen by a board-certified doctor and our medical staff is highly trained and skilled in beauty and wellness. Whether you are searching for solutions for specific health or diet concerns, weight loss or just wish to optimize your wellness regimen, we would love to help you achieve maximum wellness.

 Wellness begins with you. We are here to lead the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Bars

Oxygen Bars - What Is The Point?

While oxygen bars aid improve the health of people who have many illnesses, they also have favorable impacts on healthy individuals wanting to maintain or boost their overall physical well-being.

An improved mood is something which both the ill and the healthy can use! The pairing of essential oils with pure oxygen arouses the senses into some place of tranquility and happiness. Oxygen bar flavors provide an inviting scent during your session in Boca Raton and have deep impact on the moods and feelings of people who partake of these.

What Exactly Is The Revivify Oxygen Bar?

The Revivify Oxygen Bar in Boca Raton dispenses 92 percent pure oxygen blended with hot aromatherapies and various scents.

Don't I Currently Breath Oxygen? Isn't That Enough?

Not really! The air around you only has about 19% to 21% Oxygen.

What Scents Can I Choose During My Oxygen Bar Session?

We have a FULL Menu of essential oil aromas you can choose from prior to your Oxygen Bar Boca Raton session. Choosing the correct aroma is important in helping with the relaxation the Oxygen Bar treatment provides.

What Should I Expect During A Oxygen Bar Treatment?

Patients are seated on a very comfortable sofa. One end of a sinus cannula or "nose hose" is connected to the oxygen/aroma unit, another is placed in your nostril and looped behind the ears to fasten. Patients are then instructed to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale in the mouth. Very easy and very relaxing. We then set the lighting in the Oxygen Bar Boca Raton to be very subdued.