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IV Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL

Tired of feeling tired? Wish you could quickly boost your immune system during cold and flu season? Want a fast way to jumpstart your metabolism and kick off your weight loss? Vitamin IV treatment may be the perfect solution for you. Revivify offers many forms of IV therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL, including: 

  • Hangover IV Drip to Relieve Pain and Nausea 
  • Weight Loss IV Drip That Boosts Your Metabolism 
  • Immune Boosting IV Drip That Revitalizes Your Body’s Natural Defenses 
  • Airborne IV Drip – A Detox Program That’s Great for Jet Lag! 
  • HydroMax IV Drip for Ultimate Hydration 
  • Revival IV Drip for Overall Health and Wellness 
  • And Customized Vitamin IV Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL  

We also provide pre-competition drips for athletes that can be tailored to fit different performance criteria. Learn about these options and more by calling Revivify medical spa: 561-877-8675. 

Personalized IV Therapy from a Cutting-Edge Medical Spa  

Intravenous vitamin therapy is incredibly versatile. You tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll create a ‘cocktail’ of nutrients that fit the bill. This is a modern way to fast-track your physical goals. If you’re interested in IV therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL, our office is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM. We also provide treatments Saturday and Sunday by appointment 

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 

Minimally Invasive Antiaging Solutions and Tailored Facial Treatments 

The enhancements don’t stop at IV therapy! You could get facial fillers, soothing SaltFacials, deep cleansing chemical peels, and much more here in Fort Lauderdale FL. Revivify is a full-service medical spa with state-of-the-art solutions, including: 

  • Kybella  
  • Vitamin IV Therapy 
  • HydroJelly™ Masks  
  • Cosmetic Dermatology  
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 
  • Sclerotherapy and Peptide Therapy  
  • And Other FDA-Approved Facial Treatments 


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