Frequently Asked Questions About Wart Removal

What Are Warts?

Warts are small, fleshy growths and are classified as an infection on the top layer of your skin, also known as the "epidermis." They are very common and can be found anywhere on your body including fingers, feet, elbows, and knees.

Are Warts Contagious?

2. The HPV virus that causes warts can be passed on to someone through direct contact. This may be possible by direct contact while shaking someone’s hand or indirect contact such as sharing clothes or walking barefoot on a changing room floor.

Are Warts Dangerous?

No, generally speaking, warts are not dangerous. They’re considered to be benign, meaning they’re non-cancerous. However, just because they don’t pose a threat to your health, doesn’t mean you’ll want to leave your wart where it is.

Should I Have My Wart(s) Removed?

Many patients choose to have their wart removed because of aesthetic reasons, as the wart may be located in an area clearly noticeable to the public. Other times, patients wish to remove their wart because the growth is located in a sensitive, irritable area and doing so will alleviate discomfort.

Are All Warts the Same?

There are over 100 different versions of the HPV virus, the virus that causes warts. Meaning, there are also hundreds of different types of warts. Different types of warts are classified by both their appearance and location on your body.

How Are Warts Treated?

Each type of wart responds to different treatments, which is why we recommend seeking professional treatment at Revivify in Fort Lauderdale when handling these skin growths. A wide range of treatment options are available, depending on the severity of your wart(s).