Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Bars

Oxygen Bars - What Is The Point?

While oxygen bars aid improve the health of people who have many illnesses, they also have favorable impacts on healthy individuals wanting to maintain or boost their overall physical well-being.

An improved mood is something which both the ill and the healthy can use! The pairing of essential oils with pure oxygen arouses the senses into some place of tranquility and happiness. Oxygen bar flavors provide an inviting scent during your session in Boca Raton and have deep impact on the moods and feelings of people who partake of these.

What Exactly Is The Revivify Oxygen Bar?

The Revivify Oxygen Bar in Boca Raton dispenses 92 percent pure oxygen blended with hot aromatherapies and various scents.

Don't I Currently Breath Oxygen? Isn't That Enough?

Not really! The air around you only has about 19% to 21% Oxygen.

What Scents Can I Choose During My Oxygen Bar Session?

We have a FULL Menu of essential oil aromas you can choose from prior to your Oxygen Bar Boca Raton session. Choosing the correct aroma is important in helping with the relaxation the Oxygen Bar treatment provides.

What Should I Expect During A Oxygen Bar Treatment?

Patients are seated on a very comfortable sofa. One end of a sinus cannula or "nose hose" is connected to the oxygen/aroma unit, another is placed in your nostril and looped behind the ears to fasten. Patients are then instructed to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale in the mouth. Very easy and very relaxing. We then set the lighting in the Oxygen Bar Boca Raton to be very subdued.