Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Facials

As A Man, How Often Should I Get A Facial Treatment?

Men's skin tends to produce more oil as a result of high testosterone levels. A lot of men do not exfoliate (start doing it at least once a week), which is a very important step in keeping the skin looking healthy and clear. Obtaining a facial treatment in Boca Raton can reduce the amount of oil on your skin, keeping it cleaner.

Should I Shave My Face Before Getting A Men's Facial?

Should guys shave prior to a facial? Shaving is recommended, but please make sure to do it at least two hours before your scheduled appointment.

How Long Will The Effects Of A Men's Facial Treatment Last?

The healthful glow immediately attained after a facial in Boca Raton should last typically 48 to 72 hours, since the skin is deeply hydrated and circulation was promoted allowing fresh blood to deliver fresh nutrients to the cells.

Why Should Men Get Facials?

Men's skin is more prone to acne as it has larger pores and more oil, due to testosterone. Having your pores cleared with a facial reduces pores that are enlarged and prevents breakouts.

How Do Men's Facials Differ From Women's Facials?

Men's facial treatments are similar to that of women, but are customized to the special needs of male skin. They usually address common male skin issues, such as ingrown hairs, dullness, and razor burn.