Frequently Asked Questions About Facials

What does a facial do for you?

Jordan Rupp, Revivify's Medical Esthetician in Boca Raton suggests that facials are great for your skin, as it greatly improves it's health! When you deep clean your facial skin... you are exfoliating which helps the cells of your face to regenerate faster, which results in a skin that is softer and much less likely to experience breakouts, and you will show less signs of aging.

How Often Should I Get A Facial?

This varies from person to person. From our experience, getting a facial each month is ideal because that is how long it usually takes for your skin to regenerate and revitalize. At the very minimum, you should get a facial at least four times per year to help with Anti-Aging. If you experience other skin conditions (such as acne) it may be beneficial to visit our Boca Raton office at least once a month. .

At what age should you get a facial?

It's important to follow a facial schedule customized just for you. Most people in their 20's are only beginning to eliminate adolescent acne and working towards clearer skin. Thereafter, a monthly trip to the spa for a clean up is available to help delay the aging process.

Do facials help with acne?

Acne treatment facials are relaxing and can be helpful in removing blackheads, while leaving your face feeling softer and smoother.

Do facials hurt?

A facial pulls impurities that are deep within the pores, so you may feel some slight discomfort during the treatment, and may experience redness for a few hours after your spa appointment.