Frequently Asked Questions About Dermal Fillers

Can Dermal Fillers Improve My Appearance?

Dermal fillers are casually sometimes known as “wrinkle fillers." They do a lot more than just iron out your wrinkles, but they are great for this too! Below are a few of the more common uses for Dermal Fillers:
- Lessen the lines around and near your nose and mouth
- Enhance & restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples
- Lessen the vertical lines around your lips
- Plump-up your lips
- Smooth and round out creases in your chin area
- Make your face appear more symmetrical

How Long Will The Dermal Filler Last?

The best answer we can give here is that it really depends on the kind of dermal filler you are having applied. Most dermal fillers will last from 6 to 14 months, while some others can last longer. The dermal fillers we use at Revivify in Boca Raton contain hyaluronic acid (which is a natural substance) which helps your body in producing elastin and collagen.

What is the differences between Dermal Fillers and Botox treatments?

Botox contains "purified bacteria" that freeze up muscles in the areas the botox is applied. In doing so, Botox aides in minimizing the existence of lines and wrinkles caused by expressions in your face.

Dermal fillers contain ingredients that increase FULLNESS to areas that have lessened as your body ages. This is common in the areas near the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

How long does it take for fillers to settle?

Most dermal fillers “settle” completely at three weeks mark. Much of the fullness that one notices during the first few weeks is actually swelling and not the product itself. Most dermal fillers are now pre-mixed with lidocaine (a numbing agent) for maximum comfort.

Can you sunbathe after Dermal Fillers?

Avoid lying in the sun, tanning beds and intense heat, such as saunas for one week after your Dermal Filler treatment. In Boca Raton, wearing sunscreen at all times, if going out into the sun is also very important.